Parland Family - Walkden Friends

John & Elizabeth Parland
  • friends of Richard & Emily Walkden
  • married London

(Emily Walkden named her first baby, Elizabeth, after Mrs Parland.)
From “The Nobilities of Europe”
“Parland – John Parland was naturalised as a Russian subject and was cr (created?) a Noble of Russia by Alexander I. His son John was Captain in Russian Imperial Guards and married Annette Crawshay dau of William Crawshay of Cyfartha Castle and had an only daughter Isabel Emily who married 1873 Capt Frederick Clease Loder- Symonds JP of Hinton Manor Faringdon, Berkeshire.”

Children of John & Elizabeth Parland: all baptised at British Chaplaincy St Petersburg Russia USSR
  1. Alexander Peter 28 Nov 1805 bapt 27 Jan 1806 died 15 Dec 1808
  2. Elizabeth Louisa (Lizzie??) 23 Jun 1807 bapt 5 Oct 1807 married J Stephenson C 1863 – (See Fred’s letters)
  3. John Peter 25 Mar 1809 bapt 22 May 1809 Married see below *
  4. Francis Percy Parland (female) 10 Jan 1811 bapt 18 Jan 1811 married Charles John Baird 27 May 1852 St Petersb Russia
  5. Harriett (assume she is a twin of above as details match identically)
  6. Emily Constantia 30 Mar 1891 bapt 13 Jun 1819 married a Mr Stewart in her 5os (se Fred Chatfield letters)
  7. Mary Ann married Edward John Morgan 12 Nov 1837 (Brit Chapl. St Petersburg Russia)

* John PeterMarried Annette Crawshay 17 Apr 1849 St Martin in the Fields Westminster London.
* Annette Crawshay bapt 14 Jun 1826 Merthyr Tydfil ,Glamorgan, Wales.

1851 census shows the couple at 17 Castle Madock Seat (?) Brecknock Llanfihangel Fechan Wales – no children 6 servants.
1881 census shows Annette Parland 55yrs widow born Glamorgan Merthyr Tydfil She was visitng Richard Thomason and Family Surfeon Member of RCS
Civil Registration of births of 2 chn who may be theirs
John James Parland JAS 1854 #116/143
*Elizabeth Emily Parland JAS 1853 116/1?
Civil Registration of Death of Annette Parland born C1827 died 1883 Hereford, Worcester, Monmouthshire JFM # 6a 377
The 1871 Scotland census shows a John J Parland born Wales, aged 16 at school at St Cuthbert’s Edinburgh.

From The Dear Claude Letter C1902
Samuel Dougan Bird wrote to Claude McDonald ( grandson of Frederic Dougan)
( my note -Was this Captain Parland ?)
“ I was my mother’s only child, as my father only lived two years after his marriage, dying when I was 9 mths old. About four years afterwards, we were staying with the Walkdens at Pinner Park, when a visitor arrived for the partridge shooting, an old friend of Mr Walkden’s . He was a handsome and wealthy captain in the Russian Imperial Service. He fell desperately in love with my mother and I well remember his vicarious affection for me in the shape of lollies toys and rides on his shoulder out shooting. After some hestitation on the lady’s part they became engaged,but when some time afterwards she realised she would have to become a Russian subject , join the greek Orthodox church and only visit England at stated times and by special permission of the Czar, she thought better of it and the engagement was called off...”
NB Samuel Bird’s mother was Clara Dougan sister of Mary Stephen (Dougan) Walkden.